Hampton Creek Foods: Vegan Eggs?

This is somewhat of a random and late thought process, so I’m sure many people are already well aware of Hampton Creek Foods‘ attempts to revolutionize the egg industry.

I continue to be amazed, though, by the fact that they actually have an plant-based egg that scrambles exactly like a real one.

I mean, please look at that. Yeah, I could probably eat five of those eggs before my body even recognizes that it’s had food at all, but still.

Hampton Creek Foods’ first product was vegan mayo, which has been available in certain Whole Foods in Northern California. I’m not a huge mayo fan–though I’ll eat it on occasion–but I would still absolutely love to try their mayo. (Please come to Philly. Please please.)

I’m more egg-cited for their cookie dough, however, and especially their scrambled “egg”! (I apologize. I was really planning to get through the post without making any egg jokes, but temptation was too much. Please forgive me.)

Anyhoo, I literally can’t wait until some of their products come out. I don’t know if all the hype is true, but I’m still dying to try!

I’m gonna head off to hopefully get some eggs-ercise, though. (I really am sorry. I can’t help myself.)

I hope everyone is having an egg-celent day!

Lots of love,